Thursday, February 12, 2015

A dream becoming real...

The tree leaning near the center of this picture is why we call our property Leaning Oak, and the inspiration for the name of this blog.  The above picture was taken in January of 2014, after we had cleared the underbrush.  We bought the property in 2007, but waited to do any clearing until we were ready to build, which is this year.  The underbrush was so thick we could not examine but a small portion of the property via a trail along the left boundary line.  The clearing above represented the first time we could examine the property and begin to imagine how our house might be placed.  In actuality, only the front third of the property was cleared of underbrush.

The picture below is an aerial view courtesy of our surveyor and Google Maps.  The stars indicate the property corners and represents a lot of five acres.

The pictures and stories which follow in this blog will be about the progress my wife Pam and I make toward a dream that began a very long time ago. 

The house in the background of the blog is the architect's rendering of the house we designed together and now is coming to fruition.  We invite you along on this adventure.