Thursday, June 11, 2015

A nice surprise....

After the plumbing had been placed and verified, we knew things had to start moving.  We went out today and found things had been moving quite well.  I did not realize until this week that our slab is a "waffle slab", and in the pictures which follow, I think you will understand how it gets its name.  This style is especially advantages for strength when such large areas are being poured compared to traditional slabs.  Further, there are steel beams at the base of the "waffles" to lend strength and stability for load-bearing walls.  Here are some pictures as we happened upon our site today.

This picture is taken from the "walkway" toward the front door.  On the ground one can see the post-tension cabling which will be used to strengthen the overall structure.  Cement will be poured in the cracks and above the vapor barrier to form the foundation.  It is easy to see where this type of construction gets its reference to waffles.
This photo is taken across the diagonal of the five-car garage and casita.
This photo shows the depth of the "waffling".  By day's end tomorrow,
all the rebar and cabling will be in place.