Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Progress" is music...

My builder made additional progress this week.  We dropped in on the property today, and to our surprise, much of the plumbing has been laid in anticipation of pouring the slab!  Placing conduit for the electrical and laying the rebar will be next, but we do have a "pour date".  I do not know what it is yet, but our builder said he would be getting us one very soon.  After that, framing begins!

The pictures which follow show the plumbing, which also tells us more about the home layout.  Rather than wave our hands and say, "The kitchen is about here", we can now say, "Here is the kitchen sink and the island".  That being said, I will start with that photo.

The plumbing in the foreground is the kitchen island (large enough to be a kitchen 'continent'), and immediately behind it is the plumbing for the sink and refrigerator.

This photo is from the casita and five-car garage shooting into the main house from behind.  There are four bathrooms and a kitchen.

This picture is shot from "the driveway" near the front door toward the far corner of the casita.  The backdrop of trees shows both the beauty and density of foliage we will enjoy.

This is what we will see from our picture window at the rear of our house.  While there will be some "restorative landscaping" done back here, it will be left very natural.
We hope the weather will hold so we can get the foundation poured and begin framing ASAP.  Thanks for coming along!