Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Exterior cleanup is done, with coarse grading

Yesterday, the crew came in to clean the exterior of the property. The cleaning included power washing all outdoor living spaces, the stone, and doing a coarse grade of the area around the house. 

The interior of the house was receiving its fixes and corrections, and the painting crew will arrive today. After the painting crew has finished its tasks, the final cleanup of the inside of the house will begin. While this might sound boring, it does indicate that the house is ready for us to move in. We are down to the final few days before leaving our home of 24 years and enjoy the home in which we plan to live for the rest of our lives.   It is truly a dream come true.

The pictures today are all about the exterior of the home.  I did a walk around of the home, so my photos will include not only its structural exterior, but also the landscaping grading. Without further ado, here are the pictures:

The perspective photo for the "morph" file shows the house with the land graded and NO TRASH in sight!  Go ahead,
click the photo, zoom it up -- all construction debris has been removed.  The coarse grading is not the final landscape
grade which our landscape architect will execute, but this is his "step one", as I invited him out while the cleanup crew
 was doing their task.  He and his crew arrive. tomorrow, and already has a leg up on his efforts.  Further, the cleanup
 crew reduced the amount of dirt and sand we will need, which will be applied to more flora.

This photo shows the sweep past the entrance, and on the left, the swell
which was created to aid in drainage of rain water away from the house.

As I continued around toward the motor court, the ground strongly slopes
away from the driveway.  This facilitates good drainage down the NW
property line

Stepping into the lanai from the motor court gives a glimpse of afternoon
outdoor living at Leaning Oak.  We used the fireplace the night before last.

This picture was taken from the far side of the casita entrance.  The green
landscaping material was placed to prevent erosion.  Landscaping starts in
earnest tomorrow with filling, grading, and irrigation.

This is taken from the casita's porch, a view my father-in-law will enjoy
daily.  This is a grove of holly trees.  Our property is dominated by three
 varieties of holly trees in addition to oaks of at least six varieties.

After cleanup, fallen trees and branches have been removed and is ready
for the park curator (me) to take over.  We will let natural flora abound,
while seeking to eliminate invasives such as Chinese Privet.

Main house and casita in the late January sun shows off its new grading
which includes the removal/dispersal of the dirt pile which has stood to
the left of this picture for four or five months, at least.

I took this photo standing behind the lanai fireplace to highlight our daily outdoor view as we pass from the house to
the garage, or just mill about with friends and family.  We look forward to being here.  You be sure and pay us a visit.