Friday, January 8, 2016

The Construction Phase is Complete, the Punch List Phase Begins

On January 7th, 2016, we completed the construction phase of our house. This came almost 13 months after we signed the construction loan.The final act of the construction phase was the hanging of Pam's mirror in the master bathroom suite. The flat work was completed the day before.

Now that we have completed the construction phase of the house, we begin to punch list phase. The builder has at least 66 different tasks to complete in this house before we can say that it has been handed off successfully and we are ready to take occupancy and full ownership.The builder plan to have all of this completed by Thursday, January 14th, 2016.   We will be moving in the very next day, Friday, January 15th.

It is an understatement to say that we are excited. The reality of the completion of this home began 13 months ago, but this home has been in our hearts and minds since the earliest days of our marriage.   We had always wanted the "house in the country".   We found the property by ourselves, we designed the house by ourselves, we selected the builder and architect, and now we have seen it through to completion.  Every element of our existence feels the currents of anticipation and excitement.

Concurrent with the punch list phase, we have begun the landscaping phase as well.   The landscape in itself will be done in two to three distinct phases or steps. This is in large part due to capital constraints. For now, we will be completing the drainage, the irrigation, the grading, planting of grass, and establishment of a few plants.

I will talk more about the landscaping in a future blog, but for now I will bring you the pictures of the last test of the construction phase:

The sidewalk from the lanai turned out very well.  It was the only part of the
flatwork which I was having trouble visualizing, but my concerns are abated.

The motor court and porte cochere from the far end of the five-care garage
gives a feel of continuity to the three buildings we have on-site.

Looking back to the five-car garage (the other slot is behind the left-most
slot of the left door) from the driveway adjacent to the two-car garage
highlights the stone in both buildings.

This pictures shows where Day 1 of pouring ended, just prior to the start
of Day 2, which actually came three days later due to New Year's. 
The concrete pour crosses the pipeline in front of our property and all is
well.  They are nearing completion as they head toward the "in turn" at
the entrance from the road.

Looking from behind of where they started Day 2...

...across the front of the house...

...around my oak tree... the head of the drive.

The sun is setting as the structural construction is complete.  How can you tell there is no more construction outside?
For the first time, the orange fence protecting my oak tree is gone.  Landscaping will begin soon.

On another note, our 1935 PeDe No. 3 coffee grinder, which we found in an
antique store in Gruene, Texas, takes up its residence in the kitchen.

The hand grinder produces a very nice coarse ground coffee for our French
presses (it can do fine grinds as well, but coarse is needed for the French
press).  I only drink one to two cups a coffee a day, but I like them to be excellent.

The last piece of the formal construction phase was the hanging of Pam's
bathroom mirror.  This is taken from the hall leading to our closets.

This is taken with me standing inside my shower stall, trying my best to
stay out of the picture.  Now that the mirror is hung, the construction phase
is over, and the punch list can begin.  One last step before being ready for us.