Thursday, December 3, 2015

Flora native to Leaning Oak

This is a post which will be updated a couple of more times, simply because the presentation below will be updated as we identify more of the flora on our property.  It is a rich ecosystem, and knowing what surrounds us gives a greater appreciation of our land.

The Chinese Tallow Tree is described as "an invasive" because it is not a true native of the region.  The Chinese Tallow Tree was brought to this area as an ornamental tree, but birds, doing what they do, have helped spread it to an environment in which it thrives.

Check back to this post in the days and weeks ahead to see updates, as we have more species we are trying to identify even now.

UPDATE:  I took a hike with my landscape architect through the dense woods of our property.  We found some water and white oak saplings which we will use to re-forest the front area of the property devastated by the construction process.

We made a rare find: blackjack oak.  It is a small oak,  typically attaining to only 30 feet (10m) in height.  This one was less than two feet (0.6m) in height.  We will transplant it to the front, also.

We discovered that we have a grove of yaupon holly, almost a forest unto itself.  We will harvest some of those plants and re-plant them closer to the house.