Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nightime (sic)

"Nightime" is the name of a song written by the late Alex Chilton (misspelling of 'nighttime' is typical Alex) when he was with Big Star and released on their "3rd" album.  It has been covered by many, most notably the late Elliott Smith.  

Last night, I was visiting with the last of my gutter estimators for the day, and afternoon was passing to dusk, passing to evening.  We have between 550 and 600 feet of guttering to install (168 and 183 meters) with many wicked corners and valleys.  It is not an easy house to make a gutter plan and subsequently price it.  As I was waiting, I took a few pictures, enjoying the beauty of the darkening dusk.

Here they are, Leaning Oak at "Nightime" (and the link so you can listen to the beautiful song which inspired the title of the blog -- Nightime):

This is a silhouette of the tree around
which our driveway will curve. 

The entrance to the main house, now
adorned with its hanging light.

This is from the front of the house, looking WSW, and is the grove of trees we see from our front windows.  This small
grove is host to six varieties of trees, three of them being oaks.

"Nightime" at Leaning Oak.