Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pictures post-cleaning crew...

The cleanup crew made its first major effort on the house.  This is a good sign, as it means we are really close to closing.  Still, there are items to be completed, but the nice thing is that we can get some photos of the house before furniture flies in.  Here they are (we also went over 1000 pictures of Leaning Oak, a fraction of which have been posted):

The kitchen is the most interesting at this point, since it is now complete with its appliances and looks how we will live,
minus our stuff on the counters.  We will get a photo or dozen after move-in, too.

The French doors to the Conservatory have
been revealed!  The protective plastic and
paint removed and cleaned.  This is from the
foyer side of the Conservatory.

The doors open to the Conservatory and
my office area.  I look forward to adding the
guitars, piano, and sitting area.

Always a favorite shot of mine, looking
into the Great Room and our mini-forest.

Another perspective of the Great Room's window mosaic,
taken from the hallway leading to the master suite area. 
Combining the kitchen and Great Room, with a little artistic enhancement, all central living areas come into view.  We
look forward to many good times here with family and friends.