Thursday, February 18, 2016

Landscaping, Phase I, is now complete.

The hydro-mulch service team gave us a surprise visit this late afternoon (instead of tomorrow), and they completed the job by dusk.  This marks the close of Phase I for landscaping.  The crew will be here tomorrow to complete tweaks and cleanup, but no further additions will be made at this time (except for the already-paid-for blue lantana and Mexican Feather Grass, when suitable plants become available).

I have already begun my own Phase 1, which involves some tree-trimming, tree-removal, and removal of "undesirables" (defined as Chinese Privet and briar vines, for the most part).  I am also in the process of identifying saplings for harvest and protecting their development for the time-being with stakes and a little bit of string.  I have areas which I have identified for re-forestation, and will use the saplings for these areas when the areas are prepped.

Looking ahead, we will be adding a terrace which will be placed amongst the trees and below the house.  I will continue removing the undesirables in the anterior forest, trimming its trees, and creating its outdoor "living spaces".  Getting the anterior space useable and enjoyable will be my highest priority over the coming weeks.

A video and photos from the completion of Landscaping Phase I:

Along the back of the casita the hydro-mulch can be seen as applied to the
area between the rocks and landscape "blanket".  The hydro-mulch was
applied directly to the porous blanket, which will continue to control
erosion until the grass takes full hold. 
This is the corner off the shop -- the fifth car slot -- showing what happens
when the guy wielding the hose stumbles in the mud -- the gravel gets
hydro-mulched as well.  LOL

Out strategy was not to hydro-mulch the entire area, but just enough to
control erosion and let nature take its course.  We are seeding Bermuda
grass, which spreads across the surface of an area and then takes root.
What we did not hydro-mulch, the Bermuda will cover on its own, in time.

The job is finished and the crew readies itself to depart.  The area around
the tree will receive regular mulch.  In two weeks or so, we should see grass.