Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Move-In relentlessly continues

The move-in continues onward. The big things were easy by comparison.  After all, the living room furniture goes in the living room, and after that it's just a matter of moving them around until you either get tired or you decide you really like it. The bedrooms are much the same, they have beds and  there is only so many ways you can place the bed in the bedroom. The kitchen is a bit more of a challenge, because there is a significant amount of get involved. Each must have a place, that place must make sense with respect to the person cooking. These things we have accomplished to date. What remains, is what to do with the other "stuff".   However you wish to describe it, separating the wheat from the chaff, or separating the sheep from the goats, it is an arduous task.

The next few days, or less hopefully, will find me in the garage sorting through our stuff.  The things we are likely to find our tools, exercise equipment, cookware previously stored away, pictures, books, and a myriad of other small items.  I hung 24 feet (7.32m) of pegboard to facilitate this process. The pegboard is 8 feet (2.44m) tall and as of right now, it is mostly full.   Despite that effort, it appears only a small dent has been made in the stuff.   As is normal with any move, many things are being thrown away that had once held some value or esteem. Some things one finds and it recalls a use or a memory, and then the realization comes that this item has not seen the light of day for 15 to 20 years. It is trash. This is what makes the "stuff stage" so painfully slow.

Today I will start with some pictures of the dining room, and end it with pictures of the "stuff".

The Dining Room is complete now as the chairs arrived on January 29 (this past Friday).  Pictures are hung, and flowers
on the tables.  In this configuration it will seat 16 people, which can occur at least monthly around here.

Looking down the length of the table with
chairs one can see that there is plenty of
room for everyone.

The tables as decorated for Pam's birthday, with tablecloths.
We have to buy long, rectangular tablecloths (at least 108
inches - 274cm), and be able to buy two at a time, which is
not always as easy as it sounds

This is in the five-car garage, which is full of "stuff".  Some things one can
ascertain, others not so much.  It does not help to be closer.

Progress is hard to measure, but the two boxes center-right have been
converted from "stuff" to garbage.  In addition to the stacked boxes, the large
box to the far left needs to see such a conversion.

This is the "fifth-car slot" which will be the shop area for tools, storage and
outdoor vehicles like a UTV-4WD and mower.

The pegboard is up and has tools hanging all over it.  I have thrown some
tools away because of broken handles, duplications, or irrelevance; these
are the ones which remain.