Saturday, February 6, 2016

Major mission accomplished!

What major mission?  I am so glad you asked!  We now have four cars in the garage and the main garage (the five-car one, with the fifth slot being the shop) is about 95% in-place (by that I mean that there is a little tweaking to do, but it is all but finished).  Getting that fourth car in was very, very, and seriously important because it was Pam's car!  So tonight, all vehicles sleep inside.  Mission accomplished!

We had a lot of trash hauled away, which was not surprising to us.  We had been at our old house for 24 years, and "stuff" just accumulates.  We just have to be rather mercenary in getting rid of it.   The peg board is full of tools and other "kit".  Dirty little secret: a lot of family furniture was moved from the five-car garage to the two-car garage as out-of-town family members will be coming later this month to pick it up.  Since I knew I could not even begin on the two-car garage until after that event, getting the five-car garage in-shape and Pam's car inside was the main mission.

I finally got around to hanging robe hooks in Pam's voluminous closet.  Somehow we forgot to make provision for such items in the plans, but I took care of them and it looks like they are well-anchored, even though they will only be used for a robe (of course) and pajamas.  However, it is also a big win for the me because it made her happy.

One other thing: our basketball goal was installed!  Many thanks to my daughter and son-in-law for being partners in it becoming a reality!

Here are some photos:

All four cars are in as Pam has comfortably parked her car in the garage at Leaning Oak for the first time..

The garage, several days ago, even after some clean-up.

Photo taken from the door of the "fifth cat slot", a.k.a. "The Shop".  The
cabinets to the lower right form a very good workbench and space.

The "no-cars land" between the two double car slots.  I have packed our
camping equipment for storage in these shelves.  Golf clubs can be seen
between the wall and the shelving unit.  The containers in the foreground
are destined to depart Leaning Oak in the near future.

The above and the three photos following document Pam's car
finding its home in the garage.

Mission accomplished!

Rupp Arena, Hockley Campus.

My only team for hoops...