Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reaching higher and higher

Even though we are on a road trip, progress continues at the house.  My older daughter is kind enough to take the 20 minutes drive to the property with her family to take photos for us, and so the photos you will see today are from her efforts over the last couple of days (Thanks, Michelle!):

Grandchildren in the foreground right, and the roof lines are beginning to
show as the framing of stage 2 marches on.

The structural challenge of blending the ceiling joist
patterns of the casita have been resolved.

The back of the house is taking shape, as the cathedral ceiling has been
framed, as well as the large picture window mosaic.  Note also the completion
of the bay window (breakfast nook) and the porch of the utility room (far
left in the photo).  The window mosaic is perhaps the most important
architectural element of the house so far as connecting the house and
property as a seamless design.

Standing in the foyer, looking out the front door.  My son-in-law
Taylor is standing in the Great Room where it meets the kitchen area, and
his presence gives one a sense of scale.

Standing in the foyer, near the 'left corner' of the Great Room, one gets
an impression of what our window mosaic will do to bring our private
forest into the home.  This will be what one will see upon entering the
front door of the house.