Sunday, August 2, 2015

Frame Stage 1 continues...

The extra time it takes to cut and mount the ceiling and roof joists makes the progress slow compared to the wall framing.  It is almost a shame that the craftsmanship involved is only visible for a short while, then covered forever.  Nonetheless, the completion of the house is dependent upon this masterful work being hidden from view.  I am just glad I got a chance to appreciate it.

Pam and I are on the road right now, traveling to Bloomington, Illinois (nephew's wedding) by way of Portland, Maine.  Here are the most recent pictures we took from our site visit yesterday:

This is a picture from the driveway.  We are trying to save the fenced tree
and hope to bring the driveway around it CCW.

This view is of the rear of the house, and the one thing
missing is the cathedral ceiling which should be in the
middle where you see the pony walls.

The trusses on the casita are done, as is about 95% of the roof joists.  The
entrance creates a bit of a tight turn for the roof at the intersection to the
left of the entrance.

This is Google's enhancement of a photo taken from near the casita
entrance toward the porte-cochere joining the main house (left)
and the two-car garage/rec room (right).  Again, such geometries are
visually interesting to me.