Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wrapping, and it is not even Christmas!

The wrapping of the house finally began two days ago.  We lost last week due to both a lack of crew and a lot of rain.  The wrapping of the house applies only to the exterior walls and involves sheathing (for structural support) and the air infiltration barrier.  An insulation crew is next, followed by a drywall crew, and then the exterior veneer is added by yet another crew.  Four different crews are needed to complete the walls of a house.  Below you will find pictures from the first day of wrapping, as well a final framing shot.

This is the right side of the front.  One can see that the dormers are
wrapped, as well as the bay window of what will be the exercise room.  Note
the Douglas fir columns which replaced the previous constructed columns.

A zoom of the dormers, showing the wrapping and the exterior siding.

This is from within the exercise room mentioned above.

Very excited to see our outside fireplace on the lanai!

Looking through the rear picture window(s) to the forest, with the window
seat partially framed.  I doubt we will grow weary of this view