Thursday, August 27, 2015

The wrapping advances...

The wrapping team is making quick work of their tasks.  The pictures which follow show the progress since Monday morning at about 10:30.  These pictures were taken by my wife, Pam.  Here they are:

The front of the house is completely wrapped, and is beginning to look like a house instead of a bunch of sticks.  The
porch finally begins to show some depth, and its columns stand out nicely.  The columns will be covered by stone from
the base of the porch.  The stone will match that used on the rest of the house.

These are the windows on the five-car garage
which face the main house, or at least, inside
the campus.
These are the windows will comprise the large
picture window in the Great Room.  The
kitchen sink window can be seen on the left.

These are the windows of the conservatory, and there are matching windows in its partner,
the dining room.  One can see the porch with the overhang and columns.  The house is
designed for a lot of windows, but they are shaded by porches or trees to minimize radiated heat.

This is a view of the covered lanai from the entrance to the casita.  One can see the corner
fireplace of the lanai.  Not only will the lanai be shaded, but it will have a ceiling fan, too.