Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rapidly looking like a house...

Lots of pictures, as windows are installed, framed, much of the siding is up, and the roof is tar-papered with some shingles.  The roof will finish this week, the cornice will be completed, also.  The stone and brick were delivered today, though it will be a couple of weeks before we are ready for it.  The A/C will be roughed in this week, and early next week, we will do the pre-electrical walk-through.

Enough talking, on with the pics:

Sunday: The roof decking is complete and most of the windows and doors
are installed 
Sunday: The main window mosaic in the Great Room with all windows in place

Sunday: the "five car garage" which is combined with the casita.  Only
four cars will park here, the fifth slot being reserved for lawn equipment.

Sunday:  The rear of the house with windows installed.
Today: All windows are framed and siding added.

Sunday: looking from the South corner of the Great Room through the
kitchen area and breakfast nook (bay window)

Sunday: The entrance to the casita through the truss-works.  The garage portion
is to the left where the three windows are.

Today: The tar paper is down on the roof and shingling has begun.  All
windows are now installed and trimmed.

Today: A close-up of the truss-works in front of the main house and the
shingles added thus far.

Today: The windows of the dining room installed and trimmed.  The roofing
above is the covered porch.

Today: A peek through the trees near the property's namesake, the
leaning oak seen in the left of the photo.