Thursday, September 24, 2015

We have tubs!

Now, many of you are wondering what is so exciting about us having tubs.  The tubs must be installed prior to the framers (remember those guys?) can finish their work, and before final electrical and plumbing inspections can be made.  Once that happens, stone, brick, and insulation can go in.  After insulation, there is another inspection, then drywall and the rest happens.  Having the tubs installed is a pretty big deal in the process.

The inspector was on-site when I was there taking pictures.  The crews have a few minor corrections to make.  I meet with the crew installing our natural gas service on Monday.  At that point, all utilities are in place.  The stone masons arrive next week, after the other crews have completed their "punch list".

Here are some pictures:

This is a picture of the last window to be installed -- the one above
the front door.  It had to wait for the door frame, and now it awaits paint.

I told you we have tubs!  This one is in the MBR suite.  To the
right is my awesome shower.

This is the tub from the Exercise Room, a.k.a., Bedroom #2.

This is the tub associated with Bedroom #3

The white pipe in the middle needed to be moved from inside  Bedroom 4's
walk-in closet and placed in a more suitable place for the pantry.

The inadvertent extra sink plumbing is removed (the darker cement) and now
the dual-bin trash drawer can slide more easily.

The house is not wired for sound, though it is wired for security.  Each
window will have a sensor, and the wiring is already installed.