Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Roof is done, primer applied

The transformation continues, our future abode morphing from sticks to walls to roofing, nd looks more like our dream house with each passing day.  The pictures I took today show the progress on the exterior, though much progress has been made on the plumbing as well.  The tubs should be in this week, and electrical begin next week.

As can be seen in this picture, the roof is now complete and primer is being
applied to all the wood trim.  The primer is applied in advance to ensure all
wood is protected prior to the masonry.

This is the area of the porte-cochere showing the siding has primer applied.

The back of the house has also received primer, and they were starting
on the lanai while I was there.  The roof was completed since my last visit.

The is La Casita (the little house) which is attached to the five-car garage. It
has 10-feet deep porches just like the main house.

Here is a 'panoramic' shot of the house, just to give a little more context.