Sunday, September 6, 2015

Roofing almost complete

It is a big roof, "mucho grande" according to the hard-working men installing it.  A disparate set of activities await the upcoming week: pre-electrical walk-through, air-conditioning rough-in (including the wine grotto), air-conditioning ductwork, and tubs.  I'll tell the rest in pictures...

Our stone arrived, a little ahead of schedule, but at least it will be here when
we are ready for it.  The load was 43,000 pounds (21.5 tons; 19,500 kg).

The roofing is almost complete on the main house, and work as been done
on the five-car garage and casita (apartment for my father-in-law)

The cornice has been added in many places, though not all, yet.  This one
is from the left side of the porch and two ceiling fans will be added for
outdoor comfort
The cornices are done, windows are framed and siding completed on the 
back of the house.  The stone and brick await their opportunity.