Sunday, September 13, 2015

Going inside, watching the sun

We went out to the property today to check out what has been done.  On Thursday we did our "pre-electrical walk-through".  The walk-through involved validating the placements of outlets, switches, and lights, as well as their positions.  We added a couple of fluorescent lights in the five-car garage, a couple of lights on the corners of the house, and a few critical outlets.  Oh yes, a dedicated 110 volts line for the Christmas tree...we tend to use a few thousand lights on our tree.
The pictures today include some outside shots, and some interesting (I think) geometry shots showing the air-conditioning (A/C) duct-work through the rafters.  The time of the picture-taking was 1:00 PM CDT (13h00) -- more on that later.  Here are the pictures:

A sunny day at Leaning Oak.  I shoot from this perspective so I will have
a constant source of reference as the house construction develops.

The A/C duct-work in the master bedroom.

This is the duct-work in the Great Room.  The bright shining surface in
the right of the picture is a thermal barrier, as it is the portion of the
cathedral ceiling which extends beyond the roof.

The duct-work above the wine grotto, but it is part of the house A/C, and
not that for the wine grotto itself.  That will come later, maybe next week.

This is the Great Room at the time of these pictures.  Note there is plenty of
natural light, but no direct sunlight.

Here is the back of the house around 1PM (13h00).  One can see that the
large window mosaic is already shaded, and appears to get sunlight only
one or two hours per day.  The trees shade the back of the house until
very late in the morning.  Our plethora of windows will not contribute
further heating of the house (as the large windows in front are sheltered
by the porch and the trees in front).