Friday, July 31, 2015

The structure continues to morph

The structure continues to develop and morph towards the house we have had in our imaginations for so long.  Details are being added, subtle to some, but big to us.  By the end of business today, Frame Stage 1 should be complete.  The pictures I have today are from last night's visit to the site:

The front porch is framed with columns and ceiling joists.  The columns
will be smooth cedar-wrapped.

The foyer is vaulted, matching the entrance structure.  The foyer is separated
 from the Great Room with a ceiling drop, which we will need to decorate.

The structure over the lanai is complete,
as well as the framing of the fireplace.

The entrance to the casita is a slightly smaller version of the entrance
to the main house.

This shows the five-car garage of which the casita is a part.  The garage
has ten-feet (3m) ceilings, and the "fifth car slot" -- around the corner
from the casita structure -- will be my work area for tools and equipment.

Imagine you are looking through three windows, not just their frames, and
the horizontal structure is not present, and you have my father-in-law's view
from his bed each morning.