Monday, July 20, 2015

The framing has begun!

It all got started today, the framing segment, that is.  It will take 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to frame the three structures, and we are excited!

I have never been so involved in building a house before, so the exact details of what is done are not always within my realm of knowledge.  When they said 'framing begins Monday', I thought wood and walls would start climbing upward.  Nope, they spend most of the first day transferring the engineering drawings (which show where each piece of wood is to be placed and what type/size of wood it is) to the slab.  They use chalk lines and grease pencils to annotate the entire slab, indicating where each section of frame is to be placed.  Of course they do!  They don't this stuff on the fly and at a whim!  I guess I had not really thought long enough about that one.

I must commend the framing team on their efficiency.  Not all of them arrived at the same time, but when one did arrive, he already knew what he was supposed to do and got after it.  My construction manager said this was his "A Team", and they looked like it from the get-go.  I was not around to see them finish the day, but they almost had the casita and five-car garage framed, and had finished annotating about 2/3 of the main house.

Here are today's pictures:

The door frame of the casita and the outside wall of the
garage went up first.

This is the wall on the back of the casita, with the gaps
showing window placement.

Bathroom 1, Bedroom 2, Bathroom 3, Pam's office, and the lanai 

The captain at his helm -- his table was the first thing built on-site.

The NW wall of the casita goes up, and the SE wall is finished
out.  The captain continues to annotate the main house.