Monday, July 27, 2015

Progress despite the 100F heat

I must say, the speed at which this crew is framing, dealing with 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8C) heat every day makes me wonder how fast they would be if the temperature was only 86 degrees (30C).  They do pace themselves, and I do not mind.  They need to guard their health while they work.

They are now in the slower part of Frame Stage 1: ceiling joists and headboards, which are all preparatory for Frame Stage 2.  All of the remaining work is overhead, which doubles the personnel for each piece (walls are built on the ground first, then hoisted into position).  It is still flaming hot here, and being on a curing concrete slab makes it worse.  Nonetheless, they say that they will be ready for Frame Stage 2 on Wednesday, two days from now.

Here are some recent pictures:

This is the front of the house, looking east.  The braces have been placed
throughout to support the walls until the ceiling joists connect them as a
unit.  Only the outer walls are bolted to the slab.

The stack of pre-fabricated elements in the foreground are pocket
doors.  There are five in the stack and only four in the plans...hmmm

This room here is the Wine Grotto and is designed to hold 1000 bottles
of wine.  It is only 8 feet by 6 feet (1.8m by 2.4m) and will have its own
cooling system.

This is the header which divides the kitchen and Great Room.  The plans
called for this to be at 7 feet for some reason (as it is in the picture), but
we have decided it is too low and will move it to 8 feet.