Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The A-Team pushes onward,,,

Yesterday we had generator issues, and the framing team got very little done.  Today, with sufficient electrical power, the A-Team got back on track with a vengeance.  At the end of today, several walls were up, and main house was really taking shape.  Better yet, The Captain thinks that by the end of business on Friday, the walls of the main house should be completely framed.  Well, we'll see.

Here are pictures from today:

The front wall of the conservatory and the bay window of BDR 4.

A wall goes up while I photograph, completing 3 walls of Bedroom 1

A closer view of the bay window

Stepping back and taking a look at what the A=team has accomplished
in two days.  They might be done with the walls by Friday after all.
I will keep posting as things progress; thanks for coming along.