Sunday, July 19, 2015

Getting ready to Frame

The formwork and cement teams are gone.  The pad has had a coarse grading applied.  All the trash has been removed.  Lumber has been delivered.  Framing is about to begin.

Our house is, keep in mind, a one-story home.  Therefore, we have a large slab and at 16 inches stud spacing (48.6 cm), it will take a lot of wood.  Add to that the choice of 2x6s instead of 2x4s for the exterior walls (to gain more insulation), and the amount of wood required gets even larger.

(For my metric friends, a "2x4" is a piece of lumber 5cm by 10cm and then specified by length.  Likewise, a 2x6 is 5cm by 15cm.)

We have lumber in even larger sizes, mostly to accommodate the vaulted ceiling.  I do wonder whether or not what we have on site today is the total we will need, or only the first pass.  Below are some pictures after the delivery of the wood.  The framers come tomorrow.

PS: I fixed the videos on the previous two posts.