Friday, November 6, 2015

A little color, a little tile, and a little direction

This week is all about the interior, although there was no reason for it to be that way -- except the availability of the flatwork trades.  Fortunately, the flatwork is not in the critical path (yet) and it looks like it will begin next week -- all good.  The interior painters have made great strides (despite the misstep of painting the casita the wrong color).  The tile team has completed the casita, and are ready to move to the main house.  Now, if the stonemasons would show up with some mortar...

On with the pictures from today:

The walls are painted (Pittsburgh Paints "Bear Hug"), and the ceiling paint
("Navajo White") has begun.

This is the master bedroom (MBR) with its tray ceiling, all in the planned
paint scheme.  The crown molding color is "China White" .
The ceiling in the Conservatory, also a tray ceiling.

The floor in the casita is installed; it is tile which looks like wood.  All that
remains is the grouting and thresholds for the doors.

The lanai fireplace with its new mantle -- solid cedar.  The hearth is
still not complete, but that should happen in the coming week, along
with the chimneys and inside fireplace.
Oh yeah, the garage doors were installed today, all four of them.  Here are two of them.  In total, we had four trades on
location today at various times, so this was an exceedingly good day for progress.