Thursday, November 19, 2015

We have cabinets!

A very exciting day today as the cabinets were delivered and installed!  Yes, all "40-11" cabinets and the Murphy bed were installed today -- in one day -- the same day as delivery.  (for the uninitiated, the term "40-11" refers to a figuratively large number of otherwise unknown magnitude).  The cabinets will be measured for their respective granite counter-tops, which will take a week to deliver.  It is amazing how much character and form cabinets add to the house.  Here are some pictures from this afternoon:

The first three pictures are from early in the day.  The crew showed up at
08h30 and went to work -- two teams, actually.  This is the picture of the
Conservatory, one of the first rooms they attacked.

This is the dining room, which is actually not getting any cabinets or
built-ins, but it is full of the built-ins for the wine grotto and butler's pantry.

The kitchen, after the initial cabinets are hung, and other cabinets await.

The Conservatory later in the afternoon, almost finished.  The bar you see
bridging the shelves will be used to hang six of my seven guitars. 
The wine grotto taken from outside the door

Another photo of additional storage in the wine grotto.

Linen closet in the master bedroom

The kitchen is complete with what some would call the "kitchen island", but
I think it is more accurately referred to as the "kitchen continent".

The only "treatment" the window mosaic will receive: a window seat which spans the mosaic, with multiple storage benches.  The tops of the window seats lift on piano hinges.  It will be nice sitting here enjoying the view.