Thursday, November 26, 2015

Let there be light! (and fans)

This week has been mostly about turning on the lights.  This involved two teams: the team from San Bernard Electrical Co-op, and our electrical trim team.  SBEC came out and trenched, ran two lines of 4/0 cable, disconnected the temporary power, moved "the can" to the main house, connected power, and viola!  The house has power.

The electrical trim team busied themselves with installing outlets, switches, lights, and fans.  I guess I had a brain malfunction in not getting any pictures of the power line being installed (which only took the morning), but I do have pictures of some of the electrical trim:

This is the dining room chandelier.

This is the fixture for the breakfast nook.

This hanging light is in the wine grotto,
and is the same as the ones which will
hang in outside entrances to the house
and casita.

Bathroom #4, near the lanai.

The fixture over my sink
The foyer hanging light

Lights and fan in the Conservatory

Fans and can lights on the casita
porch area.

Our first night being lit...