Saturday, November 14, 2015

The stoning is over, the tiling is surging

The stoning is over.  The hearths have been built onto the fireplaces, the chimneys are done, so we bid adieu to the stonemasons.  We are very pleased with the quality of their work, including their artistic eye.

The tile work continues to surge.  The team was working among hallways, bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms which all require a lot of cutting.  This slows down the process considerably.  On Thursday, they hit the big fairways of the Great Room and foyer, and have begun work in the Conservatory.  The team leader claims they are on time to finish by Wednesday.

Our flatwork progress has been impeded by the rain earlier this week.  Since the temperatures are down, we need some bright sunshine to accelerate the drying process.  Right now, the flatwork is not in the critical path, but our concern is that it may be since we have entered "the winter months", which means more precipitation is likely.

Things will cascade rapidly after the tile work is done.  Electrical, A/C, low-voltage, etc., all come rolling down toward closing.  For now; however, here are some recent pictures:

The main focus of this picture is the fireplace hearth, which looks rather
'dinky' compared to the rest of the stonework.  This happens when the
masons fail to look at the plan.  Secondarily, the tile team has broken out
into the Great Room

Ahhh, that's better!  The hearth has been built-out per plan, and looks much
better.  Progress on the floor is rapid.  The dog in the background is the
local Welcome Wagon service.  He is a black Labrador named Remington,
and lives across the street.  He has been with us throughout the building
process, even before we turned first-dirt.

Head-on picture of the fireplace, looking much more like it belongs.

The fireplace on the lanai is now complete.  It too, had a 'dinky' hearth like
the Great Room fireplace, but we got it fixed per plan.

This was an idea the construction manager recommended while we had some
stone left over: make a stone threshold on the entrances to the house
and casita.  This photo is from the casita.  The stonework is done.

We have another tile team working, and
they are doing the bath areas.  This is a
shower which is associated with what the
plans call "Bedroom #4".

The floor tile people have progressed into the foyer and are extending into
the Conservatory.  With the closet and the piano nook, some extra cutting
will be required.  In general; however, it will move quickly.