Sunday, November 22, 2015

Changing of the guard...

The floor tile and cabinet people are done, and we will be ready for a new set of trades tomorrow.  I snuck into the house while the floor tile people were finishing the grout and got a few pictures of the cabinets and floor in context, and mostly clean.

Tomorrow, we will welcome the electrical trim (outlets, switches, fans, etc.), trim carpenters (baseboard, crown molding, doors), air-conditioning team, and last but not least, the granite countertop people will come in and measure the cabinets for their respective tops.

Here are the pictures from today:

The Great Room as one enters the house, complete with the long window
seat.  I took the picture in the morning so that we would have better light.

The kitchen and most of its cabinets (missing only the sink, which is out of
the picture to the right).  The island (ahem, continent) adds a lot of storage.

Pam's side of the master bath showing the basin area (to the left in the
photo) and her make-up table area.  The garden tub is in the background.

The casita was the first area to get baseboard, and we are please as to how
well the colors are coming together.

Wash basin and linen closer for the casita,
taken while standing in the shower.

The guest bedroom adjacent to the
master bedroom has a Murphy bed
installed.  There are shelves on the
left of the Murphy bed, matching
the ones on the right.