Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Things continue to roll...

The last couple of days have been good, with two trades working -- stonemasons and flooring.  It looks like we will have some overlap in work areas, but we have a plan in place so neither is slowed.  Maintaining fluidity for the trades is key to finishing on time.  We are expecting two additional trades this week: flatwork and electrical.

Here are pictures from today:

The tile has begun in the master bedroom.  This was taken about noon, so
it is likely this has been completed by the end of the day.  That means they
are about a third through the main house, right on schedule.
The stone is finally being applied to the chimneys.  Purchasing failed to
order the thin stone required for the chimneys, so we had to wait until the
new order could be filled.  It is nice to see it finally going into place.

The other half of the previous shot, showing how the two chimneys will
actually look when finished.  We are pleased with the stonework.

The Great Room's fireplace is almost complete.

The hearth remains to be built.