Thursday, November 12, 2015

Outside and inside

We had as many as FIVE trades at the house today: stonemasons, shower walls, flatwork, floor tile, grading.

The stonemasons worked to finish the chimneys today.  They also thought they had finished the hearths, but they did not build to plan (the plans are RIGHT THERE, not 20 feet away!).  I contacted the construction manager about it, and told them it would have to be redone.  This is one of the reasons I am out there almost every day, to catch things early, while the trades are on site and fixes can be made without re-scheduling.

The shower wall team made their installations today.  An engineered product is used in wet areas (like showers and baths) to provide the surface for installing wall tile.  The engineered product is generically referred to as "cement board", which is like Hardieplank for interior walls.

The flatwork team was out to survey the site and drop-off material needed to form the areas for cement and asphalt.  We had heavy rain over the previous weekend, so we weren't really ready for them.  As part of the effort, we brought in a grading team to smooth out the drive areas and encourage more rapid drying.

The floor tile team continues to progress.  In the Bedroom #2 and Master Bedroom Suite, there are a lot of cuts to be made for closets, utility room, bath areas, and hallways.  This part of the house requires a lot of cuts be made, which slows the progress.  They are about to hit the big fairways of the kitchen, Great Room, foyer, dining room, and Conservatory.  They will pick up speed over the next few days.  They are on target to complete by November 18, 2015 (cabinets are scheduled to arrive on the 19th).

Here are a few pictures, from the outside-in:

This is where the driveway will pass in front of the house, after it has been
coarse graded to dry and prepare for forms.

The wires sticking out of the wall is where the electrical and data services
will come into the house.  The actual circuit breaker panel will be inside.

The rear of the house, with the chimney being stoned.  The chimney was
completed later in the day, but I forgot to photograph it.  Manana.

The lanai chimney is done.  Now that both chimneys have been completed,
the exterior of the house is 99.9% complete.   There is a little trim work and
paint touch-up remaining.

This is the floor of the casita, after it has been installed and wiped clean for
grouting.  This is taken from the French doors, which access the porch.

This is the cement board being installed.  The
guest bathrooms do not have windows, so the
tradesmen have to provide their own light.