Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Working inside, raining outside.

The end is in sight for all the tile work -- both floors and bath areas.  To be sure, it will take all of their efforts and full days to make the Wednesday evening deadline, but it looks like they will make it.  The detail work in the shower areas are the slowest.  It requires a lot of smaller tiles and lots of cuts.  The big fairways of the floors in the main house are almost completed, leaving a couple of bedrooms and simple bathrooms (unlike the master suite, which had lots of cuts and angles).

And it rained today.  The weather reports call for many days of sunshine starting tomorrow, but not high temperature.  This means the evaporation of the puddles will be slow.  I think the construction manager is going to have someone come out and smooth through the puddles, leveling the pad area, and in doing so, help the water evaporate more quickly.  I added some rain pictures just for fun.

Tile completed: Conservatory, to the right as you enter the foyer.

Tile almost completed: dining room, to the left as you enter the foyer.

Great Room, straight ahead from the foyer.  We designed the foyer width
so that one, upon stepping across the door threshold, could view the window
mosaic in its completeness, top to bottom, side to side.

The fireplace, in context: the detail tiling with the needed cuts still remains
to be completed.

The breakfast bay area (completed) and kitchen (almost done): the vent loop
to the left is in support of the sink which will be installed in the kitchen island.

Finally!  The master bedroom twin doors
have been found!  They have been AWOL
since the other doors went in, then they
shipped the wrong one, and now it is home.

The shower in the casita getting its tile, and
one can see the center diamonds above the
darker border.  These will have a tile inserted
of a complementary color.

It rained today -- a lot.  If one enlarges this picture, the elongated drops of
rain can be seen.  This is looking across the casita entrance.

The puddles are large and numerous.  Fortunately, at least five days of
sunny weather are supposed to follow.  Maybe we'll get the flatwork done.

Looking from the lanai to the entrance of the casita.  There will be a sidewalk
connecting the two homes.

This is just an "art-shot" from under the canopy of the lanai toward our
trees and the rain.  We look forward to sitting out here during rainy days,
enjoying its soothing sounds and the freshness of its air.