Friday, October 16, 2015

A beautiful day and a variety of pictures

Yesterday was a gorgeous day -- absolutely cloudless, dry, about 91 F (33C).  The last reminder of summer before the temperatures drop next week.  It was a good time for pictures at Leaning Oak, and I have a variety to post -- a variety of perspectives captured...

This is a panorama of the back of Leaning Oak, sweeping from the utility room porch on the left across the back of
the main house to the lanai, with the two-car garage sneaking in, and then the five-car garage and casita at the right.

This is a picture of the casita taken from the woods.  The casita, like the
main house, has a ten-feet deep porch.

This is taken from the entrance of the casita (note its stoneworks) and
capturing the back of the main house.

The fireplace on the lanai is almost finished, only lacking the construction
of its hearth and the hanging of its mantle.

Here are four of the slots in the five-car garage, sporting the same high
ceilings (10 ft, 3m) as the house.  Lots of space...

And speaking of space, here is the fifth slot, which will actually be my shop
area and storage area of lawn vehicles.  The hole in the ceiling is the attic
access.  I plan to add pegboard on the left wall.

The two-car garage is all stone, giving a stone cottage look and feel.  We
have talked about adding ivy to grow on the solid wall.

This is the front of the two-car garage, which forms a porte-cochere with the
main house.  The windows add to the cottage look.

We finish the photos with a different perspective on the Great Room.
This photo shows the cathedral ceiling, which peaks at just over 19
feet (5.8m).  The top of the window mosaic reaches 14 feet (4.3m).