Monday, October 12, 2015

This and that...

The pictures today are a bit eclectic, as we have two trades working now -- one outside and one inside.  The stonemasons are still working, and have 13 more columns to stone, in addition to the outside and inside fireplaces.  The sheet-rock crew came in WHAM, put up the sheet-rock in the main house.  They were amazingly quick.  It took them less than 3 days to complete the main house, which is ~4700 square feet (~440 sq. m.), walls and ceilings.  On Saturday, when these pictures were taken, the "corners man" was there installing all the corners in preparation for "floating" the sheet-rock (applying tape and mud).  He finished his tasks before we left.

Here are the pictures:
The perspective shot: I am building up a slideshow to show the morphing of the house from this perspective, 
but from here one can see that the stone is almost complete (except for the left bay window), and that the two-car garage is now complete.  The columns still need their "tables" added to the top of the stone (the two
 on the right are finished, the rest are not yet finished)

This is a daytime shot of the entrance, and the contrast between the 
brick, stone, and wood is more clearly seen.

This picture of the casita is taken from the vantage point of where the
sidewalk will land at the lanai from the entrance of the casita.

Looking out my front door....

Looking out the MBR windows and door...

Looking out my back door (grandson playing in the dirt).

The Great Room's window mosaic and ceiling, in sheet-rock.

Fireplace in the Great Room -- it will have the same stone as the outside.

Dining Room showing the entrance to the wine grotto (rounded door)
 and the passage to the butler's pantry and kitchen.  At the back of the 
room is a nook for the sideboard.

Looking from the kitchen area into the Great Room.  The hall 
to the MBR is to the right of the shelf inset.

This the conservatory, which looks onto the front porch.  The back wall will contain built-in bookshelves, 
cabinets, and a place to hang guitars.  Moving to the left, the nook for the piano, and then the closet for 
storage of music-related kit.