Wednesday, October 7, 2015

An early evening take on things...

Pam and I went out to the property last night to get a view of the house with no workers around, so we could take in the progress without being in anyone's way.  The pictures are a little on the darker side, because the sun was setting.  It was a nice time to absorb the moment.

Here are the pictures:
The brick is now complete for the front.  All light areas (except window frames) will have stone.  Note the bay window at
the right -- they are already "stoning" it.  Also to the right, the part of Pam's closet which extends from the house
is "getting stoned".  The columns will have stone to about 40% of the way up from the ground.

This is a larger view of the stone work being done on the bay & Pam's closet

Pam's closet will be finished tomorrow.

The rear of the house is almost complete...Pam's listens to the sounds
of early evening -- a symphony of nature.

Perspective picture of La Casita with its stone-work almost complete.

A closer look at the stone-work on La Casita