Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sometimes, it is the little things...and a brick or two

I think the framing is now complete.  It looks like it is, as the bathtubs have all been framed.  Blocking has been added in key places, and "other little things" have been done.  Oh yes, the brick masons started today.  In addition, our gas line was run, though it revealed another issue: right-of-way over ExxonMobil's gasoline pipeline.  More on that, later.

Here are some pictures, with captions to tell the stories:
The framing isn't finished until the tubs are framed!  This is the sort of thing
one does not think about when one is not intimately involved in construction.
As can be seen, the tub is framed and ready for its facade.

"Blocking" comes in a couple of forms.  This blocking, wood added to the
wall to support a structure to be added, is in the Great Room.  It is upon
this blocking I will mount a swing-out hanger for a 75" (30 cm) television set.

Here is the other style of blocking: the entire wall covered with particle
board.  This is in the Conservatory, and is the wall upon which built-in
cabinets and shelves will be added.  In addition, in the upper center, I will
hang six guitars: two Telecasters, a classical, a flamenco, an acoustic steel
string, and a hollow-body electrical guitar.  They will be mounted on swing-out
brackets, and will need more support than drywall can provide.

The mason work has begun, as can be seen in this picture.  This is along the
East wall (right side front) of the house.  More brick will go above the brick which
has already been laid, and the portion sticking out will be covered in stone.

The brick at the bay (window).  The bay window will actually be trimmed in
stone and the brick will continue on both sides from the ground to the roof line

This is the trench for the natural gas service.

This is the trench for the natural gas service
which extends to the road.  The picture which
is missing is the one that should be between
these two photos: it crosses the ExxonMobil
gasoline pipeline.  We need a special permit
to run a line over their pipeline.  We need the
same special permit to put a driveway over their
pipeline.  Now that we know, we have applied
for the special permit.  (sigh)