Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More stone, more bricks, more insulation

This post is an update about MORE.  More stone has been added, largely because more people are laying it.  More brick has been added, because more people were laying it.  More insulation was added, but not in the traditional sense.  I will let the pictures guide the rest of the story today:

This is the best way to see how much brick has been laid.  The front of the main house is about 95% complete.  The
left side and the back of the house still need their "upper layer".  They should be done today.

The stone continues to rise on the two-car garage.  They will go to the
scaffolding to finish, after the brick team finishes with it.

They have begun "stoning" the five-car garage.  Most of it is siding, except
for the stone wainscot which wraps around to the right and encompasses
the main entrance to the casita.  No scaffolding required.

Here is a close-up of the right side of the front porch.  The door at the left
in the picture will be framed in stone.

Insulation is important in controlling energy costs, and our builder sees to
it that "un-conditioned" air flows back into the house by shooting foam
into each crevice where wires and cables have breached the framing.

Here is an example of how all outlets and switches are insulated.

Multiple electrical cables, multiple holes, and a whole lot of foam insulation.
Foam insulation is also shot anywhere that ceiling joints or pony walls
come together, to make sure the attic air does not leak into the living spaces.