Saturday, October 10, 2015

Weekend Update

With sunnier weather, we went out this morning to take a few pictures.  The stone work continues, and is very slow compared to the brick, but as I stated earlier, it is "art on the fly".  They will probably finish late next week.  The drywall people are moving a histrionic pace, and the will complete the main house today, and the casita on Monday.  There was too much action going on to get much of any kind of photos, and a bit of dust in the air.  Here are today's pictures:

All the columns in the front have their stone bases, but not yet complete.  The stonemasons are working on the framing of the front door and the bay window to the left.  The two-car garage should finish getting stoned today.

Here is a close-up of the stonework on the columns.  Note that the 
columns at the entrance are taller than the others, but their 
proportions are the same.

Artsy close-up on the entrance columns stonework...OK, you're right, 
not artsy at all, but an accidental photo.

The elevations on the casita are complete, and only await the stones 
for the columns