Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We are at a materials logjam right now, in that the lack of materials have stymied progress.  We had only 21 of 31 doors shipped (somebody needs their backsides booted), we ran out of mortar (how can these guys not know they were running out of mortar?  Oh! Squirrel!), and we are still waiting for the thin-cut stone for the chimney (No Virginia, we cannot slice large stone blocks like salami at the worksite).

However, we did get crowned, and that is progress.  It is a step which needed to be completed, and if it is not completed at this moment, then it is at least 90%+ completed.  At some point in the near future, the cement board/wall tile of all forms/sink and bathroom fixtures trades team will come, but whether it is done before or after painting I do not know.  My guess is "after".  Shelving is not quite done, but 10 of the 14 closets are built-in.  The next few days could be very interesting or very boring, but for now, here are some pictures of the crown molding:

The crown molding applied to the dining room, accenting a tray ceiling, which is featured throughout the house.
Here is the crown molding in the Conservatory, showing the piano nook and
closet.  The Conservatory is opposite the dining room and features a tray
ceiling as well.

The master bedroom and its trim of sills, frame, and crown molding.  There
is a tray ceiling here, also.