Monday, October 19, 2015

A Sunny Day

Yesterday was another stunningly beautiful day.  It was in the upper 70s (~25C) yesterday, but when we stepped into the house, it felt like the morning air, which was in the low 60s (~16C).  This speaks very well of the home's insulation.  The exterior of the house is 99% complete, with a little painting remaining, as well as some stonework (waiting on material).  This week, the focus moves inside, as two trades will be active: texturing and trimming.  We have rain in the forecast for late this week, but it should have no impact on our progress.

On to the pictures...

Sunday has become the only day to capture the front of the house without vehicles blocking the view.  We are grateful
for the work the crews are doing on Saturdays, which is normally a day-off.  Everything about this house is large, and
crews want to finish as soon as they can.  The masonry work is now complete on the front of the house.

This is the view as one enters the Great Room from the foyer, and it never
gets old for me.  The design of the house is such that the breadth and height
of the window mosaic is visually captured even at the front door.

Angling toward the breakfast nook and kitchen, one can see that some
texturing has already been applied.  The texture is applied via spray
methods, so even a house this large will take less than two days.

There remains some painting around the bay window and below the window
mosaic in order to complete the exterior.  One notes the chimney is in need
of its stone, which is a thinner cut version of what was applied on the house.

The lanai is mostly complete, lacking the construction of a raised hearth on
the fireplace.  Its chimney awaits stonework as well.