Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Moving along on the inside...

Today was a good day as the trim carpenter was there to hang doors and install shelves, and window sills.   The work continued on the inside fireplace, but it is going slow. They have also started working on the hearth for the outside fireplace, the one associated with the lanai.

 The trim carpentry team has 21 doors and shelving to install for 18 closets and two pantries. In their first five hours of being on duty, they had fully installed 6 doors. By the same time, they had also installed many windows sills. The team seems to be making good time, and should be finished with their task by the end of the week. Once they have completed their jobs, the painting team will return.

Here are some pictures from today:

The fireplace in the Great Room is slowly creeping upward...

Meanwhile, the Conservatory gets its French doors (the windows on the
door have a protective material on them).

Once inside the Conservatory, one can see that the window sills are installed.
Many of the window sills have been installed throughout the house.

This is the linen closet off of Bedroom #3,
which is the left bay window bedroom.  The
doors are hung and shelving completed.

Returning to the Great Room, the window sills are installed on the window
mosaic, and framing has been added to the previously installed door.