Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hearths and shelves

At this phase of construction, progress is measured in small steps Most of the outside work is done, so there will be no dramatic WOW! visual moments going forward, with the possible exception of the fireplace and its associated shelving and cabinetry.  Nonetheless, details are important, and we are glad to be moving ahead with them.  It is always exciting to see things progressed from concept to reality no matter how small the detail.  Today's pictures are all about the small details and the excitement of them representing steps not only toward the completion of the house,  but expanding our visualization of how things will be.

Pictures of the lanai hearth in progress.  From the corners of
the hearth as shown, the stone will drop at 90 degrees to the
edges of the lanai.  The extension in front of the fireplace is
20 inches (51cm), and at the sides will be 12 inches (30cm).
Pam's walk-in/dress-in closet gets its first shelves.  There will be a built-in
chest of drawers in the middle (if it were there, I would be taking this picture
over it) of the closet.  She will have plenty of room for clothes and shoes. 

This is Pam's closet immediately to my right from the previous picture with
more shelves and a nice hang-up area.

This is the "Christmas Closet", which is in the main hallway leading from
the Great Room toward the MBR.  Its first shelf is rather high, owing to the
fact that the Christmas tree, it its canvas storage container, will be kept here.

This is the pantry, and yes, the blank space at the right is as it should be.
We will be putting a refrigerator in the pantry for additional cold storage.